If I Could…

If my hands were gentle enough to hold your heart 

I would do it

If my feet could follow where you lead 

I would do it

If my eyes could take in all your imperfections and create something perfect

I would do it

If I could stand with you, near you, by you forever 

I would do it

If I could hold you together, keep you safe, be your sanity 

I would do it

If I could put you in the place in my heart that is longing for the warmth that will never run cold 

I would do it

I would. 

I would hold you in my arms till I became weak in the knees

I’d drink your strength like sweet water

Breathe your skin like clear oxygen

I’d make it known that I was yours and you were mine

I’d wave at the past and look to my future

I’d saturate the world with the love we would make

I’d share the masterpiece with those who had never seen the colors we created

But my wings reach for heights unknown 

And my heart longs for skies untouched

The fire inside burns bright with desire

Stories untold. Prophesies unfulfilled. 

Legends of a place where my ashes will rise

And my beauty will reign

I am not innocent enough to touch your beautiful soul

An oasis of freedom and opportunity await us

Happiness and peace live there

The journey is long

And I must make it alone

You have prepared me for this

Goodbye, dear friend

You made my heart strong


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