Under the Same Sky…

I hope that one day 

We meet in the middle of a crowded room 

I pray you see me first 

Catch me in a moment of laughter 

In the middle of my joy, I hope our eyes lock 

I’ll be lost for a moment 

A flash of memories across the forefront of my mind 

And then I’ll give you a half smile; friendly 

And I’ll glance away, unbothered

I hope you take in the scene 

Me on the arm of the man I love 

You see the sparkle of my ring under the fluorescence 

And I pray it hurts 

I pray it burns down your throat into the deepest parts of your soul 

But only for a moment, dear 

Because then…

I hope you look to the woman who is your everything 

Her and her perfect 

And I pray you have found your happiness too

Both of us under the same sky 

Separate but happy 

And I pray we never meet again


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